vMenu Framework

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Description + Specifics:

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Included In Framework


Key Features

- Fully Setup API (For Discord)

- Fully Setup Ace Permissions

- 100+ Scripts (LEO + Civilian + Normal)

- Pre-Configured MYSQL String (With Tutorial)

- Pre-Configured Server.Cfg

- Advanced HUD System (Peacetime, AOP, Priority, etc.)

- Discord Linked Chat Roles (Pre-Configured)

- Discord Linked Headtags (Pre-Configured)

- PMA Voice System

- Whitelist + Blacklist System (Vehicles, Guns, etc.)

- Join/Leave Logs (Discord)

TxAdmin Setup Tutorial

+ Much more included in the video below

Also includes a fully detailed setup guide with frequent updates pushed for free via a personal dashboard on my website.

Price: $40 USD